Single Wash Options
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Single Wash Options

Best Wash

- Better Wash
- Ceramic Power Shield
- Wall of Foam
- Carnauba Hot wax & Shine
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Better Wash

- Good Wash
- Triple-Shine Polish
- Ultra-Gloss Body Protectant
- Undercarriage Blaster
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Good Wash

- Basic Wash
- Wheel & Rim Cleaning
- Wax Application
- Tire Shine
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Basic Wash

- Basic Wash
- Spot Free Rinse
- Turbo Dry

free-to-use vacuums

are your vacuums really free-to-use?

Yes! These aren't your average vacuums. Each individual cannister vacuum has 3 high-power motors and large diamter hoses for ultra-high suction that makes quick work getting the inside of your car clean. Just press the button to get four minutes of un-interrupted vacuuming. Need more time? Press the button again - vacuum as much as you like. Vacuums will automatically turn off.

Pro tip 1: Press and hold the vacuum button to manually turn off.
Pro tip 2: It’s ok to use the vacuums even if you didn’t buy a wash today...we don’t mind.


We have a complete line of car care products available for a nominal prive. Including mirco-fiber towels (recommended), cloth towels, Armor-All Tire Shine, Armor-All Interior Cleaner, glass cleaner, air fresheners, etc. 

Everything you may need to give your ride that finishing touch.

Please see our vending area for complete selection.

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PitStop perks faq

How do I  redeem coupons?

Coupons will be embedded in your PERKS e-mails as a barcode. This barcode must be scanned at the pay station before paying for a wash. Hold a printed copy of the barcode under the scanner to redeem. It is recommended to print the coupon using the highest quality available to your printer. At some locations, you may scan directly from your phone. Zoom the barcode on your phone in the landscape position and hold it under the scanner. Make sure your phone is set to its brightest setting. The ability to scan coupons directly from the phone may not be available at all locations. All coupons have an expiration date and cannot be redeemed after this date and should be discarded.

How do I opt out?

Click on the “opt out” option at the bottom of any e-mail.
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